About us

Trade Anglia is a privately owned consultancy, formed and managed by Anna Gubis. Before starting Trade Anglia, Anna has worked as a senior consultant for the Hungarian government’s investment and trade development agency and also as a marketer for Unilever Hungary.

Trade Anglia’s mission is to provide local guidance for companies seeking to expand into Central Eastern Europen markets

We achieve it through our established local business network, market knowledge and more than ten years’ experience in economic and trade development. What makes us different is our flexibility, focus and problem-solving attitude. For us each case is different and we treat them accordingly. What you gain by hiring us is reliable and up-to-date local market intelligence on which you can build your market entry strategy and minimise your risks.

Industries we have worked with so far: nursery, tourism, food, packaging, electronics, automotive, medical, construction, home decoration. References are available on request

We are available for consultations in Birmingham, London and Budapest (Hungary).

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Translation / Interpretation (English/Hungarian/Polish/Russian)

Website localisation

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